Piwowar convicted of using bogus check

Aristotle Wladyslaw Piwowar, 35, St. Cloud, was convicted Monday in Morrison County District Court for issuing a dishonored check.

The charges stem from a May 11, 2016 incident, when Piwowar went to a business in Morrison County and paid for a motorcycle with a check made out in the amount of $3,097.75.

The account on the check was in the name of a business with the same address as the one listed on Piwowar’s driver’s license.

The check was later returned due to a closed account. A notice and demand for payment was sent out to Piwowar on June 1, 2016, after several attempts to contact him met with no response.

The St. Cloud Police Department found Piwowar in town and seized the motorcycle, before returning it to the business.

Piwowar was sentenced to 19 months in prison and was fined $135.