Relay for Life: An opportunity to show compassion, support

Many of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetimes — either with our own diagnosis, or one for a family member, friend or neighbor.

It’s a hard diagnosis to get; possibly harder when someone you love gets the diagnosis, leaving you feeling helpless.

With continuing research cancer, while still a devastating diagnosis, is becoming more and more treatable, especially when found early.

But the resources for that research come with a price tag.

Organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, work not only to research cures for the disease, but also work to educate us on how to prevent cancer, detect it at an early stage so it is treatable and offer resources to those undergoing treatment.

Relay for Life events, held across the world, help finance the work of the American Cancer Society. Not only that, but they allow individuals in communities to come together to show their care and support of families, friends and neighbors who are fighting the disease, while offering compassion to those who have lost loved ones to cancer.

Morrison County has held a Relay for Life event for more than 20 years, for most of those years at the Little Falls Community High School track. Last year, due to track construction, the Relay was held at the Morrison County Fairgrounds in Little Falls.

The Relay will be held at the Fairgrounds again this year, because organizers and participants said it offers buildings for protection from weather, and a more close-knit feel as the luminaries light the walkways.

The speakers, who are cancer survivors, offer hope to those fighting the disease as they share their own stories of survival.

Cancer survivors and children are celebrated at the Relay. Those who grieve the loss of a loved one are offered empathy and support.

Morrison County’s Relay is set for Friday, July 21. Details of the times and events are included in an article on Page 7A in this issue.

It’s a community event worth attending, and an easy and moving way to show care and compassion for our friends and neighbors impacted by cancer.