Stauber to challenge Nolan in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District

Pete Stauber

Duluth Police Lieutenant and St. Louis County Commissioner Pete Stauber announced Monday that he is running for the U.S. Congress from Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. Stauber, a Republican, is seeking the seat now held by Democrat Rep. Rick Nolan.

Stauber made his announcement in Hermantown and said he knows what 8th District residents want for the future and believes he has the views, convictions, a blue-collar background and leadership experience to achieve them.

“For many years I have watched Washington, D.C., from the perspective of a Christian, husband, father, small business owner, law enforcement officer, labor union president, city councilor and county commissioner,” said Stauber, 51. “I can no longer sit back and watch as Washington fails to make common sense legislation. That is why, after careful consideration and prayer, I am announcing my candidacy and will seek the Republican endorsement for the United States Congress in Minnesota’s 8th District for election in 2018.”

Stauber was elected to the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners in 2012. He was re-elected in 2016 to a four-year term that expires in January 2021.

Stauber is retiring soon from the Duluth Police Department, after 22 years of service, to devote his time to being a county commissioner and running for office.


  • John Snell

    So… what does looking at Wash DC. from a Christian perspective mean? How about a Jewish point of view, or hindi. He’s a Republican who is pro labor?? He must be an anomaly. There must be a war going on in his head between capital and labor. This should be interesting.

    • newpolitiq7

      He’ll be popular here (like all of Nolan’s challengers), that’s for sure. Unlike Mills, he has some credentials beyond birthright, and his wife is a big-wig in military. He doesn’t have my vote.

    • newpolitiq7

      I forgot to inquire about his position on healthcare. As a family, if he’s elected, might be, what? — eventually quadruple-dippers into taxpayer pockets? Do they want regular ole ‘mericans to have the same healthcare afforded Congressmen/women and military? Can’t wait to hear his positions on the issues.

  • J Scott

    Oh, good, just what our communities need, another Republican who can read the mind of God.