Variety the spice of life on Molitor Dairy

Molitor Dairy Farm in Little Falls raises a large variety of livestock. Dairy farmer Barry Molitor raises a number of cow breeds, ranging from black and red Holstein, Jersey, Swiss, Ayrshire, milking shorthorn and Montbéliard.

“If you have only Holsteins, then all of them would be black and white. They may have different spots, but it’s still the same,” Molitor said.

About 80 calves are born on the farm every year.

The decision to go into dairy farming was somewhat of a given to Molitor.

“I was born into it,” he said.

Barry Molitor dairy farms with his wife, Amy, in Little Falls. To spice things up, he uses a wide variety of breeds so that no look alike.

Molitor’s wife, Amy, grew up on a dairy farm, as well, and together they farm the land Molitor’s parents, Kevin and Cindy, once farmed.

It is also the home to their children Matthew, 3 and Lucas, 2.

“We also had a stillborn daughter, named Abigail. She died in December 2012,” Molitor said.

At the Molitor Dairy Farm, the Molitors have 70 milk cows, but milks 60 twice a day in the tie stall barn.                                                Molitor also crop farms corn, alfalfa and grass for forage for the animals. Once in a while, he plants oats, as well.

Molitor also has 10 black Angus beef cows. His dad owns another 15 of the herd.

Rabbits, pigs, turkeys and chickens are also raised on the farm.

The one thing Molitor really enjoys about being a farmer is the fact that he doesn’t have to drive to work. He is also the one who makes the day-to-day decisions.

“Every day is different. You can kind of decide if you want to do something or not. You make decisions and live with it,” he said.

But as with anything, life on the farm doesn’t come without challenges, such as bad weather and low commodity prices.

“We may get a small rain shower, but not enough rain to get anything. But then you can’t hay, since it’s not dry,” he said.

At the end of a long day when he is done with chores, Molitor said he enjoys just sitting down and relaxing.