New custodians at RHS to receive first-year bonus

The Royalton School District is in need of three custodians. But, Supt. John Phelps said the district, which offers the lowest starting wages for custodians in the area, is having trouble finding people to fill the positions.

Offering a pay raise to all custodians is problematic, as the state uses a formula to ensure comparable wages for comparable work. If one group gets a raise, then all in that category do as well, making it cost prohibitive, Phelps said. The state also ensures school districts meet the mandated comparable wages and pay equity requirements.

He recommended one option for the Board to consider that would bypass that problem; a one-time first-year bonus for new custodians.

Newly-hired custodians would receive a bonus of 21 cents per hour for the first six months, and another 21 cents per hour for the next six months, or about $436.80 for the year ($11.39 per hour).

If they stay for the following year, they would fall into the next pay step, bringing them to a little more than they started at ($11.43 per hour).

The Board voted to accept the first-year bonus for newly-hired custodians.

“It’s one-time money,” Phelps said.

While the exact amount was not set, the Board also approved a bonus for current custodians who worked through the district’s two-year construction project.

Other requests made by non-union employee groups were discussed, such as the van and bus drivers, Little Royals preschool teacher, nurses, technology assistants, substitute teachers and gifts and talented adviser. Business Manager Michele Hauber was asked to come back to the Board with the financial impact of the requests.

Royalton School Board Briefs

At Monday’s meeting, the Royalton School Board:

  • Approved the Coyote Moon Grille in St. Cloud as the venue for the 2018 prom;
  • Accepted resignations from Amy Krueger, special education teacher; effective at the end of the 2016-17 school year; Vicki Blomme, special education teacher, effective June 30;  Erin Noska, district office administrative assistant, effective June 30; Shawn Poppen, National High School Honor Society adviser; Rebeka Daniels, MAP assistant, effective June 30; and Judy Ring, Title I paraprofessional (para);
  • Approved coaching and adviser positions, including: Jamie Morford, head football coach; Nick Lanners and Randy Thielges, assistant football coaches; Ryan Wiener and Boy Snyder, junior high football coaches; Aaron Meier, head volleyball coach; Leslie Burggraff, assistant volleyball coach; Randy Borash, C-squad volleyball coach; Alexis Hirsch, assistant volleyball coach; Katerina Lenz, assistant volleyball coach; Jeff Schoenrock, junior high volleyball coach; Michael Marschel, cross country coach; Melanie Cinmenski, fall three-act play adviser and Joel Swenson as a volunteer football coach;
  • Approved hiring Avery Seguin as a para for the 2017-18 school year; Brad Baumann as a social studies teacher at Royalton High School; Kelly Gotfredson and Chloe Carr as special education teachers for the 2017-18 school year; and
  • Approved a 10 cent increase in meals across the board for all classes, with the exception of the elementary and middle school breakfasts and reduced price lunches which will all remain free and milk, which will remain at 35 cents a pint. Meal prices for the 2017-18 school year will be: Elementary lunch – $2.25; middle school/high school lunch – $2.45; high school breakfast – $1.50; adult lunch – $3,85; and adult breakfast – $2.15.

The Board next meets Monday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m.