Bishop blesses, dedicates new parish center


Bishop Donald Kettler traveled to Randall Sunday, July 23, to preside over the blessing and dedication of the new parish center at St. James Church.

It was 26 years ago that the parishioners of St James Church in Randall had a dream to add a parish center to their church. The center would include classrooms to teach youth religion, a large kitchen to feed the multitudes and a large hall.

The question was how to raise enough money to do this. That’s when “August Fest” was born.

August Fest is St. James’  annual bazaar which was held to help raise funds to build the center.

In fall 2016, parishioners broke ground for the parish center and began construction. Equipment was brought in, ground was broken and concrete and blocks laid. Soon the roof was on and it was framed in, with more work to be done.

A group of parishioners of St. James came in to volunteer their talent, mostly recently retired skilled home builders, electricians and laborers. Ladies of the parish cooked meals for the workers.

The paint brushes were put away recently and the hammers went silent. The St James Parish Center was complete.

Bishop Donald Kettler presided over the blessing and dedication of the new parish center Sunday, July 23. Following the blessing and dedication, breakfast was served.

The 26-year-old dream is now a reality.

“If one word was to describe that day, it would be ‘Hallelujah,’” said parishioner Tony Wenzel.