Donovan-Weiss charged with felony property damage

Cody Thomas Donovan-Weiss, 23, Pierz, is facing a felony first degree property damage charge in Morrison County District Court.

The charge stems from a Dec. 4, 2016 incident, when Donovan-Weiss allegedly told law enforcement he had been assaulted during a party at a residence in Morrison County.

The property owner and his son allegedly told officers Donovan-Weiss had not been assaulted, but that during the shed party, he allegedly broke a window, got into the home and destroyed four more windows, damaged a TV, a sound system and many other items.

Other people at the party allegedly said Donovan-Weiss had not been assaulted and that he was highly intoxicated.

The alleged damages were listed at more than $20,000.

If convicted, Donovan-Weiss could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.