Why this week’s front page was blank

By Tom West

Tom West

Do you know who was involved in that accident you passed on the highway the other day?

Did you learn about a friend’s death by reading the obituaries?

Did you see who the grand champions were at the county fair?

The Morrison County Record provides that information and so much more about the happenings in our community, but this week we decided to join more than 200 of the newspapers in the state to ask one more question: Where would you get your news about our community without us?

Even though it is summer, that’s why this week’s front page contains no news. If you think you know the news, try filling in that blank. That’s what the Morrison County Record does with each issue.

The Morrison County Record exists to provide you with news of importance to our community and area. We keep you informed of births, deaths and marriages. We serve as a watchdog for your city council and school board. We follow with pride the efforts of our local sports teams.

Newspapers have been the primary way that communities have delivered accurate information since the founding of our republic.

Governor Dayton has declared this week as Minnesota Newspaper Week. The newspapers of this state are proud of our accomplishments, and strive each issue to play an important watchdog role in the community and to inform you of future events and recent happenings. We thank our readers and advertisers for their support, and ask for it to continue going forward. Without you, there is no newspaper.

The Minnesota Newspaper Week Whiteout was organized by the Minnesota Newspaper Association with the help of its members, including the newspapers in Warroad and White Bear Lake, that ran similar campaigns recently. We offer it here as a reminder of our important role in serving the community.

  • newpolitiq7

    Please go further, and comment on how our President’s obsession with calling press coverage with which he disagrees — or that is factually critical of him — “fake news”. What does that strategic campaign by this White House Communications team (calling everything the Pres. doesn’t like “fake”) do to the integrity of the business within which you’ve spent your life? Does your current employer (Adams Publishing – owner of which donated $1+million to Donald Trump’s campaign) have any strong opinions about how Trump is attempting to eviscerate a free press?)

    Do you have any opinions on this you’d be able to share in a newspaper owned by Adams?

  • newpolitiq7

    P.S.: Here’s the text of an excellent speech by then WSJ (self-described conservative) journalist, Bret Stephens, about the challenge of his profession in the time of Trump: http://time.com/4675860/donald-trump-fake-news-attacks/