Royalton Board asks for certificate of occupancy before school begins

While the construction and remodeling project at Royalton Public Schools is largely complete, there are a few minor items that need to be addressed.

School Board Director Dale Lenz said the balance that remains is “on the good side,” a negative $21,101.76.

Lenz said about $2,400 was needed for railings, and about $1,000 needed to adjust some fire doors. The doors were removed while another project was completed and not put back on properly, he said.

A group of directors walked through the building with Chris Winkelman of Winkelman Building Corp., the company hired as construction manager for the renovation project.

Director Jim Block said the group kind of “picked apart” things that needed to be fixed. “There’s some small items,” he said.

Lenz said many of the items had one-year warranties and would be covered.

One thing, that Director Mark Petron called “kind of a bigger item” but under warranty, is the leaking air conditioning on the roof.

“When it rains, it sounds like all eight of them (air conditioning units) have water coming in,” Petron said.

Lenz said that’s because when the units are turned on, the seals aren’t sealing as they should, sucking in water from the rain.

“Other schools have had the same problem,” said Petron of the particular model of ventilation used.

Winkelman was told the Board wanted a “piece of paper” stating that it’s safe for people to enter the building when school begins, not just a verbal statement, Block said.

“It’s up to the Board to decide if we want kids in here without a piece of paper that says it’s safe for kids,” said Board Chair Noel Guerard.

Another problem Petron brought up was the boiler pump for the main building. It’s supposed to push 80 pounds of pressure through the pipes to heat and cool the facility, but that isn’t happening.

Interim Supt. John Phelps said the engineer’s design theoretically supported 80 pounds of pressure in the pipes. The engineers were looking for a booster pump to get the correct amount of pressure.

“If I understand correctly, it (the project) was bid out with our existing boilers and one new one,” Block said.

Lenz agreed that the existing pumps were supposed to be able to put out the correct pressure.

“The existing pumps should have been able to pump heat out to this new end (Early Childhood Center), but they can’t,” said Block. “Whether we need a new pump, I don’t know or maybe booster pumps.”

The current pumps are 20-some years old, Block said. “We may have to make a choice on those,” he said. “We’re probably not too far away from needing new pumps anyway.”

The cost to replace the pumps was estimated by the Board at about $10,000.

Petron pointed out the cost could be covered with the money remaining after the project.

Until a decision is made, Block reminded the Board employees could contact the custodian if their rooms were too warm or too cold and the temperatures could be handled individually.

Royalton School Board Briefs

At Monday’s meeting, the Royalton School Board:

  • Learned from Activities Director Brent Lieser that the open house at the school for senior citizens was a success and that he plans to hold a monthly meeting with them the second Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m., complete with coffee, cookies and rolls;
  • Accepted the resignations of Kelsie Herzog as human resources and payroll director; Levi Hunt as track and field coach; Anna Schlichting as paraprofessional; and Matt Morgan as head wrestling coach;
  • Approved filling the following positions: Carol Race as a special ed teacher at the elementary school; Heather Popp as a Title I paraprofessional at the elementary; Jean Weis-Clough for the kindergarten long-term substitute position from approximately Nov. 15

– Feb. 8, 2018; Shannon Krueger, Debra Struck and Lowell Banick as custodians; Ashley Angevine as human resources/payroll director; Kelly Gotferdson as junior high volleyball coach; and Jesse Goebel as volunteer coach for varsity football;

  • Approved FMLA leave for Tami Shaughnessy, from Nov. 15 – Feb. 6, 2018; and Mary Fruechte from Sept. 5 – 13;
  • Approved the following as coaches/advisers for winter activities: head girls basketball (BB) coach – Brad Baumann, with the assistant girls BB coach, C-squad girls BB and one junior high girls BB position all open; junior high girls BB coach – Jeff Schoenrock; head wrestling coach position – open; assistant wrestling coaches – Andy Poster and Brett Louden, with one position open; head boys BB – Randy Thielges; assistant boys BB – Adam Snyder; C-squad boys BB – Andrew Hagman; junior high boys BB – Aaron Meier and Boyd Snyder; senior high Knowledge Bowl – Cathy Hesch; junior high Knowledge Bowl – Jeremy Schaa; senior high play and middle school play – Melanie Cimenski; senior high speech – Sheri Menden; junior high speech – Tamara Shaughnessy; and one act play – Melanie Cimensk;
  • Learned the first day of classes is Tuesday, Sept. 5 and preschool starts Sept. 11;
  • Learned the number of P-cards (school district credit cards) will be reduced to just two, one for the business manager and the business manager’s assistant. Currently 13 P-cards are issued to various staff members. The Board felt the business manager or assistant could order items needed and that it was good practice to limit the number of credit cards;
  • Decided the Non-union Negotiations Committee should meet, go over proposals from non-union employees and make recommendations to the Board at a meeting open to the public. The Committee met Thursday. A special meeting for recommendations was set for Monday, at 4 p.m. It is open to the public; and
  • Approved hiring Earl Athman, a consultant with Regional Resources, to work two to three days per week while Business Manager Michelle Hauber is on maternity leave, roughly mid-September until early December. The cost of $60 per hour is estimated to cost the district about $9,600 – $14,400 over the 10 weeks.

The next regular meeting of the Board is Monday, Sept. 18, at 6 p.m.