Democratic party has a racist history

To the Editor:

Since the 1800s, denouncing America’s racism and bigotry has become a reoccurring theme. While bigotry and hatred of blacks was introduced into America’s culture by the Democrats during the slave trade, it took the newly-formed Republican party and then president Abraham Lincoln to recognize these egregious acts. In 1865, Democrats rejected the civil rights act and the KKK was formed, creating Jim Crow laws, segregation and poll taxes while suppressing the black vote.

Today’s Democrats cringe at their racist history, yet, a tiger’s stripes do not change. Democrats continue their slave trade of foreign labor either by supporting open borders, sanctuary cities or lobbying for cheap labor from refugee camps. Democrats sing “Happy days are here again,” rudely interrupted by those meddling Republicans led by Pres. Donald Trump spouting “Making America great again.”

America should not destroy history by tearing down statues and rewriting the racist history of the Democrat party, instead embrace America’s progress that all men are created equal and denounce the political and social ideology of the progressive movement which destroy history while resurrecting their past.

Nancy Judd, Cushing

  • John Snell

    Judds history is correct but failed to mention that the southern Dems of yesteryear are the Rep. Party of today. She has an elementary grasp of immigrants in this country. Immigrants in the long run increase wages not depress them. Business is uniformly pro immigrant and reject Trumps policies especially the H1B visa program. Immigrants do business formation at twice the rate of natives. We have open boarders because Republicans refuse to fix immigration. Most are here because of the failed visa program. Nancy Judd sounds like she’s in the “small town values camp” which is code for homogeneous neighborhoods.

  • newpolitiq7

    Anyone else have slight vertigo after reading the twisted “analysis/logic” in this letter? The educators who taught some of our local Tea Party “leaders” history must be hanging their heads in shame. What a ridiculous misrepresentation of how the our two major parties essentially switched platforms (not to mention a messed-up view of immigration). These two articles help to maintain a historical/factual connection to reality: “How the Republicans and Democrats Switched on Civil Rights”

    “Why Did the Democratic and Republican Parties Switch Platforms?”

  • Mockingbird

    As long as you also acknowledge that the Democrats WERE the Conservative party and the Republicans of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt WERE Liberal.