Okerman charged with felony fifth degree drug possession

Desiree Lynn Okerman, 48, Randall, is facing a felony fifth degree drug possession charge in Morrison County District Court.

The charge stems from a Sept. 1 incident, when a Morrison County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived at a residence in Randall to serve civil process papers.

The deputy allegedly was able to see two women, including Okerman, sitting on a couch through an open window.

When the deputy knocked on the door, Okerman allegedly attempted to hide what appeared to be a water bong.

When asked what she was hiding, Okerman allegedly said it was a pipe for marijuana, but the deputy allegedly saw white residue consistent with methamphetamine use.

Law enforcement allegedly found drug paraphernalia in the house and arrested Okerman.

When deputies searched her purse, .123 grams of alleged meth and .35 grams of marijuana were found in baggies.

Okerman allegedly said she had been smoking meth prior to the deputy’s arrival, but that the meth in her purse wasn’t hers.

If convicted, Okerman could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.