DFL chair’s message is wrong


To the Editor:

The Morrison County DFL party chairman’s (MCDFLPC) Sept. 2, Labor Day message was wrong on every measure. President Donald Trump was elected by Republican and Democratic working men and women in the midwestern states to protect working men and women’s interests, and he will, with or without Democractic help.

The message blames Kresha and Gazelka for the problems of Obamacare. Obama promised us Obamacare would lower costs of healthcare and provide better access — all lies. Jonathan Grubber bragged that he got Obamacare passed because of stupidity of American people. No. He got Obamacare passed because of the stupidity of the Democrat Congress.

When Democrats asked what was in Obamacare, they were told by Democratic leadership that they had to vote for it before they could find out what was in it. And they did.

The Republican congress recently tried to improve Obamacare for the American people, and not a single Democrat voted to help. The  MCDFLPC repeatedly proclaimed the wonders of Obamacare until President Clinton and Governor Dayton publicly acknowledged Obamacare was a failure, then the MCDFPC starts blaming Kresha and Gazelka.

These facts are different than MCDFLPC’s Labor Day message. Ask him to explain why.

Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls