DFL twisting truth to their benefit


To the Editor:

Looking over the quarter page ad from the DFL in the Sept. 3 issue of the Record, it becomes obvious to me that DFL stands for deny, finagle and lie. The ACA reduced spending on Medicare to hospitals and providers by $716 billion over the next decade. So who makes up that shortfall in the hospitals? The health care costs and insurance premiums paid by others? So the cuts in Medicare already belong to the Democrats.

Their complaint that Ron Kresha and Paul Gazelka have done nothing for affordable health care rings hollow. The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is more widely known was passed singlehandedly by Democrats with no Republican votes. So why should it be up to the Republicans to fix it?

And aren’t the Democrats admitting that the ACA, the act that they singlehandedly passed, made insurance too expensive for the people of Morrison County?

The DFL ad is trying the old “Republicans are for the rich” mantra. Nobody ever worked and prospered working for a poor man. Everywhere capitalism has been tried it has succeeded. Everywhere Communism has been tried it has failed.

Walter Edin, Burtrum