Former competitors share 20 years of success, growth at Century 21

Open house planned as a thank you to the community

The award-winning staff at Century 21-New Horizon Realty includes front row (from left): Angie Petersen, Lynn McCarthy and Cindy Scholl. Second row: Marissa Skuza, Mike LuConic and Renee Nieman. Back row: Marvin Hoheisel, Tom Scherling, Elaine Westerdahl-Delaney, Isaac Thoma, Olga Archer, Donny Josephson, TJ Hoheisel, Trisha Herdering and Renae Oothoudt. Not pictured: Connie Hoheisel and Carol Medek.

Realtors Marvin Hoheisel and Tom Scherling and their staff, want to thank the community for the past 20 years of support, which has contributed to their success. To do so, they are planning an open house, Wednesday, Sept. 20, when everyone is welcome to come to enjoy food, beverages and a dessert bar, and to meet the entire staff.

While Hoheisel and Scherling have been partners for 20 years, they have known each other for 35-plus years, as long as each of them has been in the real estate business.

They started out together and then became competitors, as each purchased their own real estate agencies.

Beginning in 1982, Scherling worked for Century 21 RA Randall, when Betty Lou Berg and Lucy Dale owned it, before they sold it to Dom and Jeanette Gerbi. Scherling would purchase the business in 1990, changing the name to Century 21-New Horizons Realty.

Hoheisel started with Century 21 in 1983, before heading out on his own with ERA Randall.

The competition was ongoing but friendly, with one outdoing the other on different sales, sort of a shuffle back and forth, Scherling said.

As time went on things changed as they tend to do.

Since ERA Randall, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker were all owned by the same parent corporation, Scherling said at various functions, real estate agents were encouraged to “Go see your neighbor, because consolidation is what we should do.

“Of course, I brought it up one day when I was over there and said, ‘Gosh, we should get together one day and talk,’” Scherling said to Hoheisel. “Cindy (Scholl) was sitting there and listened and Cindy said to Marv, ‘Would you ever merge with Tom Scherling?’ and Marv said, ‘When hell freezes over.’”

So began a very successful partnership, when hell froze over Jan. 1, 1997.

But, before the freezing, the cold truth became clear to both men.

Part of the process for Scherling was acknowledging the advancement of technology.

“Technology was advancing so quickly and keeping up with it was a big challenge and I could see a lot of expense and I could see that the smaller you were, the harder it was going to be,” he said.

He also wanted to travel and “do things,” which was impossible because “You just could never leave (the office).”

“Marv was always either on my heels or ahead of me — I mean it was always a good friendly competition, but we were always in competition and not bringing our talents together,” Scherling said.

When the two were on the way back from a meeting, and “right about King’s Inn” on Highway 10, Hoheisel said to Scherling, “You know, we could do this together.” Scherling said, “OK.”

“We shook hands and that was all the formality we’ve ever had,” Scherling said. “We’ve never had an agreement between us that this is the way it’s going to be — we shook hands and that was it.”

Hoheisel said the two have always had a good partnership, and part of that has to do with their staff.

When the two merged, their respective agents came with them, totaling 16.

“We’ve got the best people, smartest people in the real estate industry that work for us,” Hoheisel said. “I can’t say that enough.”

Some of that talent has been with the partners over all of the past 20 years including Lynn McCarthy, who has been in the real estate business for more than 50 years, Cindy Scholl, Renee Nieman, Carol Medek, and Marv’s wife, Connie Hoheisel. Before they retired, Doreen Kapsner and Marilyn Dorn, worked with Hoheisel and Scherling for 18 of those 20 years.

Hoheisel said their 18 agents are the best, not only for their knowledge of the real estate industry and their willingness to continue their education, but for their involvement in the community.

Part of the duo’s success is in the diversity they bring into their business. They are not only agents and brokers, but also appraisers and property managers. Scherling said they also help people make a plan when they decide to buy or sell.

As real estate has become more complicated, laws more stringent and requirements more plentiful, their agents can take care of the mountains of paperwork involved, and ensure sellers meet all the requirements of disclosure, which will protect them down the road.

Most of the paperwork can be signed online or even on a cellphone.

“Throughout the years, we’ve seen market swings and with hard work and planning, we have been able to get through the good times and the bad,” Hoheisel said. “The lean times make you a stronger company; it makes you do things differently and you don’t get complacent.”

Their philosophy and beliefs include being effective at representing both buyers and sellers, being dedicated to the success of the entire community, and to retention of highly successful individuals, as well as working together as a team.

Sticking to those core values has helped Century 21-New Horizons Realty weather the ups and downs of the real estate market. Hoheisel and Scherling figure about 30 percent of the property in Morrison County has been handled by Century 21 staff.

“Just take a drive around the county with us,” Scherling said.

The agents have been honored over the years for their hard work, recognized on the state level, nationally and even internationally.

Commitment to the community is evident in all the volunteer work the agents do with such organizations as Habitat for Humanity and the Drive Fore Cancer golf tournament, as well as the thousands of dollars donated by the business in the community.

The open house will be held at the Century 21-New Horizons Realty Office, 15594 Highway 27, Little Falls. All are welcome to stop in between 3 pm. – 7 p.m. to meet the agents and enjoy a beverage and the dessert bar.

Century 21 staff awards this year

  • Michael LuConic – Multi-Million Dollar Club.
  • Cindy Scholl – Emerald Award.
  • Trisha Herdering – Quality Service Award.
  • Angie Petersen – Centurion Quality Service Award.
  • Elaine Westerdahl-Delaney – Quality Service Pinnacle Award Year 6.
  • Renee Nieman – Quality Service Pinnacle Award and Emerald Award.
  • Lynn McCarthy – Ruby Award.
  • Awards to office as a whole: Per Person Productivity Award, the Gold Medallion Award and an award for 40 years of service with the Century 21 brand.