Two boys rescued in Randall thanks to smart phone app

Staff Writer

A story that could have ended tragically in Randall Sunday, Sept. 3, turned out differently thanks to a smart phone app, Randall Police Chief Charles Strack said.

Cole Kjeldergaard, 14, Randall, was found semi-responsive near the Highway 115 Bridge over the Little Elk River in Randall, while Nicholas Angevine, 12, Randall, was found in the river under the bridge.

The two children were located, after one of the boys’ parents became concerned about where he was and used a “find my phone app” to locate the two, Strack said.

“It would have been a tragic ending,” Strack said about what would have happened had it not been for the app.

Emergency responders were called and Angevine was pulled out of the river and taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center by Life Link III helicopter and was considered to be in stable condition as of Tuesday, according to the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department.

Kjeldergaard was taken by ambulance to CHI St. Gabriel’s Hospital and was released.

At this point, Strack said, authorities do not know how long the two were down there or what caused the incident.

Because the investigation is ongoing, Strack said he would be unable to go into other details about the incident.

The point he wants to make people aware of is that even though phones can be problematic, they can also be critically important in cases like these, Strack said.

“There are very, very important uses to a cellphone,” Strack said.

Both Sprint and Apple have apps like the one that was used in this case and parents should get them.

“I’d say any parent should be downloading a ‘find my phone’ app,” Strack said.

The Randall Police Department was assisted in this case by the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department, Randall Fire and Rescue, Life Link III and Gold Cross Ambulance.