Breezy Point man charged with receiving stolen property

Christopher Charles Koshenina, 45, Breezy Point, is facing a felony charge in Morrison County District Court for allegedly possessing a stolen vehicle.

The charge stems from the May 1 theft of a car from a parking lot in Rice.

On Aug. 17, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department went to a property on 113th Street responding to a call about a vehicle on the property.

The property owner allegedly said Koshenina had asked if he could store two cars on his property and the property owner allowed it.

The VIN number of one of the vehicles allegedly matched that of the stolen car from Rice.

In a follow-up statement, Aug. 22, the property owner allegedly said Koshenina had brought the cars to his property one month prior and had been removing parts from the vehicle.

If convicted, Koshenina could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.