Letters to the Editor Policy

The Morrison County Record welcomes letters to the editor for its Viewpoint pages, but some rules apply. This includes:

1. 200-word limit.

2. Wednesday 5 p.m. deadline for submission.

3. Only one letter per writer every five weeks.

4. All letters must include a name, address and phone number. Only the name and city of residence will be published.

5. All letters will be verified by the news staff by a phone call prior to publication. If the news staff is unable to contact the writer of a letter, the letter will be held until such times as contact is made.

6. Letters containing libelous statements or those intended as advertising will not be published.

7. Letters that target previous letter writers will be edited to remove the name of such letter writers who are non-candidates or non-public figures. Letters critical of previously published Guest Columns may identify the writer only once, and then only to make it clear which column they are writing about.

8. The Record reserves the right to edit or reject any letters to the editor.

In addition, from time to time, the Record receive a surge of letters on a particular issue or political campaign. The Record then applies some additional rules in an attempt to be fair to both sides:

1. No more than three letters in support of any candidate or critical of his or her opponent, nor in support of one side or the other of a given issue, will be run in any single issue.

2. No letters attacking a candidate will run in the last issue before an election.

3. Prior to the last issue before an election, letters may be critical of candidates or their positions on issues. Such letters may identify the targeted candidate by name. Letter writers are encouraged to stick to the issues and the positions on issues and qualifications of the candidates.

4. While the charges and countercharges in a campaign can be extreme, the news staff will generally check facts in letters only when it appears obvious to the news staff that an outright falsehood is being presented.

The Record publishes unpaid thank you letters from the Morrison County community. Such letters are limited to 75 words. Unpaid thank you letters that thank public office holders or candidates for public office will generally not be published between the opening of the candidate filing period and the general election. Such letters will be considered for publication under the regular Letters to the Editor using the criteria expressed above.